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Strategy of FTTH Deployment Workshop

Leaders need to come up with the right strategies, business models and decisions for FTTH deployment protecting their revenues and projects and ensuring a long term profitable service and the right QoS.

This 2 days event integrates lessons learned from building some of the fastest and most efficient operations in the world, business cases and models for NBN and the planning and implementing of millions of homes passes. It will also help to identify:

  • Potential areas for FTTH/B
  • Pilot project thinking
  • Detailed challenges
  • Commercial approaches
  • The competitive and regulatory context 

    Who can attend and why? 

    FTTH Council MENA propose this strategic event by Ventura Team to understand the potential of FTTH and help CEOs alongside Commercial, Strategy and Finance Execs and Managers in current or proposed telecoms operators as well as utilities looking to diversify into telecoms, to learn how to assess FTTx opportunities, exploit the good ones and avoid bad ones and understand the detail of potential deployments in their region and minimize the risk of failure.

    For more information and Pre-registration, please contact info@ftthcouncilmena.org